Sign the Petition to Overturn AB 1266

The deadline is rapidly approaching to turn in signatures for the referendum to stop the Transgender Bathroom Bill. Please take a moment to download the petition right now. Fill it out in the appropriate places and sign the petition, then mail it back right away. Download the Petition Here Mail the completed petition to: Hagman […]

Public Employee Unions Thwart End to Pensions for Politicians

Assemblyman Hagman discusses his legislation to end pensions for politicians. Everyone knows that trying to pass any kind of meaningful public employee pension reform in the Democrat-dominated legislature would be an extremely difficult proposition. But surely Democrats would be eager to work across party lines and end the practice of politicians taking home generous pensions, […]

Budget: California’s Ground Hog Day

Assemblyman Hagman discusses the Democrats’ faulty plan to balance the state budget through tax increases The California legislature saw its shadow and now the budget is in chaos again. The Democrats, who control the legislature, state that education and public safety will wither unless their proposed tax increases are adopted. These scare tactics had an […]

Will California Be Singing The “Blues”?

We can all celebrate now that Election Day is behind us. Campaign literature has stopped crowding our mailboxes, the street corners are clear of candidate’s signs, and those recorded messages about who to vote for have stopped clogging up our machines. But what do the results mean for the Golden State? We can all celebrate […]

Assemblyman Hagman Announces His Endorsements for the November 2010 Ballot Propositions

Proposition 19: Legalize and Tax Marijuana – OPPOSE Proposition 20: Redistricting for Congress – SUPPORT Proposition 21: Vehicle License Fee for Parks – OPPOSE Proposition 22: Bans State Form Borrowing or Redirecting Local Funds – SUPPORT Proposition 23: Suspends AB32 – SUPPORT Proposition 24: Repeals Corporate Tax Benefits – OPPOSE Proposition 25: Majority Vote for […]

Time To Stop The “Alice In Wonderland” Budget

“Late! Late! Late!” said the White Rabbit. After an embarrassing 100 days after the start of the 2010-11 fiscal year, the California Legislature finally approved the most-delayed budget in state history. The passed budget, one I voted against, is flawed. It is not balanced and moves our budget “woes” on to next year while doing […]

We Have A Jobs Crisis In The Private Sector

Assemblyman Hagman discusses private vs. public jobs At a time when 2.2 million Californians are out-of-work, even Democrats now agree that job creation must be government’s top priority this year. It seems everyone is now talking about jobs, but actions speak louder than words, especially when it comes to votes on pro-jobs legislation. Recently the […]

Time For Democrats To Work With Republicans On Responsible No-Tax Budget

Assemblyman Hagman discusses California’s current budget crisis Weeks have passed since the beginning of the 2010-11 fiscal year to pass a state budget. Yet California is still without one and people are right to ask what on earth is going on in Sacramento. Months before the budget deadline, my Republican colleagues and I called on […]

Curt Hagman Supports the 2nd Amendment

Assemblyman Hagman supports the recent Supreme Court decision that upholds our Constitutional right to bear arms. Californians who legally own firearms can be encouraged by last month’s U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling. In a landmark decision, the Court found that the constitutional right to bear arms applies not just to the federal government, but to state […]