What Others Are Saying

Bringing Jobs to the Inland Empire

“Under Curt’s leadership, our county added thousands of good-paying construction jobs helping bring middle class careers to the Inland Empire.”

Jimmy Elrod
Southwest Region of Carpenters

Keeping Families Safe

“helped protect our children from sex offenders, illegal drugs and gangs”

Jason Anderson
San Bernardino County District Attorney

Keeping Families Safe

“Supervisor Hagman has always supported our deputies by providing them with the best tools and technology available. Our communities and our deputies are safer because of him.”

Grant Ward
San Bernardino County Deputy Sheriffs Association 

Keeping Families Safe

“Curt fought to give firefighters the training and resources to save lives and homes.”

Jim Grigoli
San Bernardino County Firefighters, Local 935

Improving Educational Opportunities

“Supervisor supported programs connecting students with careers and worked with local businesses to provide lap tops to schools in need so students could learn at home during COVID.”

Ted Alejandre
– San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools

Taking ONT Back from Los Angeles Control

“Curt worked with local leaders to take ONT back from Los Angeles control.  This success for local control made ONT a regional economic engine and created new jobs, added flights, and made Ontario Airport a world class airport.”

Alan Wapner
– President, Ontario Airport Commission

Endorsement of Supervisor Curt Hagman

“During the course of the pandemic, Hagman spearheaded the COVID-19 Compliance Partnership Program to provide direct assistance to businesses in order to offset the costs of compliance with COVID-19 mandates. He also called out the unfair distribution of vaccines by the state, which left San Bernardino County short…Hagman has routinely worked across party lines, which a supervisor, in a nonpartisan office, ought to do. San Bernardino County government is on fiscally sound footing and a business friendly place to set up shop. Hagman will ensure that status quo continues, while prioritizing efforts to tackle homelessness, promote housing of all kinds, both affordable housing and market rate…Reelect Curt Hagman.”

Inland Valley Daily Bulletin
April 21, 2022

Laborers International Union of North America

Addressing the Homeless Problem

“Curt worked closely with county leaders to help over 1500 homeless veterans in San Bernardino County access housing and resources.”

Paul Leon
– Mayor of Ontario

Keeping Families Safe

“supported efforts help women leave domestic violence situations and get the help they need.”

Sheriff Shannon Dicus

Expanding Access to Health Care

Supervisor Hagman is leading efforts to expand access to care, and empowering doctors and patients with new tools like tele-medicine to make care more affordable.”

Dr. Prem Ready
– CEO, Prime Healthcare

Addressing the Homeless Problem

Supervisor Hagman worked to get people experiencing homelessness get off the streets and into shelters and provided them with the services needed to get them back on their feet.”

Jim Grigoli
– President, San Bernardino County Firefighters

“Curt has shown his community he is a proven bridge builder…He has successfully tackled some of the county’s most challenging problems…I’m proud to join local Democrats, rank and file essential workers, firefighters, paramedics, and police officers who have been on the front lines of the pandemic to reelect Curt Hagman for Supervisor…He will continue to ensure we have the resources necessary to keep our families and neighborhoods safe and deliver the experience and leadership to move us forward.”

Congresswoman Norma Torres

Saving Tax Dollars

Curt’s strong fiscal leadership helped the county save $30 million by improving its credit ratings and building up a 20% reserve.”

Larry Smith
– Inland Empire Taxpayer Association

Keeping Families Safe

“Gave firefighters and paramedics the tools they need to save lives.”

Sarah Evinger-Ramos
Board Member, Chino Valley Fire District
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